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I've gotten a lot out of each session I've had. After the sessions I've felt peaceful, energized and ready to have a joyful day. Kathleen is a caring woman with some great skills and techniques for helping people grow. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to move forward from old ways or let go of old hurts. Anyone who wants to grow new skills to bring to their lives or be more able to relax or see new possibilities in their life. Kathleen offers free introductory seminars every month at the co-op in Everett, so for anyone who is not sure about hypnosis there is no pressure, no cost, and you get to meet your potential therapist!
- Sarah J.

I had no doubt hypnosis works, yet I had uncertainty it would work on me. I feel it is a jump-start to get me on the road to better health. It helps me understand how the mind processes all the negative it has been fed our whole life. With hypnosis the positive can cancel out the negative. Through hypnosis I feel confident I will lose the weight. Thank you.
- Chrys.

It was a very productive journey to my safe place and is a great tool for a self-guided meditative state. Well worthwhile Thank you.
- S. S.

I didn't know if hypnotherapy would work for me. I've had chronic pain for several years and since having several hypnotherapy sessions, I feel more comfortable and less anxious. I even sleep better at night. I'm definitely glad I did it. Hypnotherapy works and Kathleen is a good therapist.
- Matt H.

Blissborn: Loved it, very happy that Kathleen was not only a Hypnotherapist but also an R.N. especially in labor and delivery.

As a mother of two small boys who are seventeen months apart I had some fears of a natural birth. We decided to use a midwife and have a natural birth with no interventions. Not only did hypnotherapy reverse the fears I had about childbirth, but caused me to have full confidence in my own birthing techniques and all I had to do was do my “let go” trigger and slip down into hypnosis and let my mind control the pain. I believe my labor was completely manageable; I was not afraid at all. At the birth center they told me, “ You sure don’t look like someone who is in labor.” I highly recommend hypnosis for birth and pregnancy. I struggled sleeping at night and hypnosis helped me relax and forget my worries and drift off to sleep. Hypnosis taught me to be at peace with myself even amidst chaos. A few weeks before birth my midwife told me, “I’ve never seen you this calm and relaxed in all the time I’ve known you.” My husband felt it was a wonderful experience. I will continue to tell others about the wonderful, natural ability we have in us to eliminate fears and control pain using hypnosis.
- Anna L.